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Le Lundi 10 Décembre 2018 - Vous êtes ici : Accueil Actualité Actualité de l'athlétisme 3ème édition du Meeting International Mohammed VI d’Athétisme Rabat, 6 juin 2010
3ème édition du Meeting International Mohammed VI d’Athétisme Rabat, 6 juin 2010

‘’c’est assez rare dans le ‘’circuit’’ que les managers remercient un organisateur. Mais cette fois ci c’est déjà le troisième qui nous lance un petit mot de remerciement. Sincèrement, je pense que maintenant nous avons enlevé les derniers doutes et  que nous avons vraiment rendu nos lettres de noblesses au monde de l’athlétisme. On est en route pour la ‘’Diamond League’’ !

Wilfried Meert,

Directeur du Meeting de Bruxelles


‘’First of all let me congratulate yourself and your team for the excellent job you have done in the organisation of the meeting in Rabat. Everything was really Ok and well organised starting from the arrival at the airport with a very professional welcome desk and a very fast procedure to get visas for the athletes.
Transportation to the hotel was really fast and the welcome desk at the hotel wa sreally organised and we received the room in few minutes.
The hotel Amphitrite Palace is really a high level hotel and in a place where the athletes could stay to relax and move free also outside for some running.
Honesly I travel a lot in  my last years  following  all the meetings around the world but I was really impressed how the meeting of Rabat is improving and now is also even better than many top meetings of the circuit.
Again please pass my congratulation to your team and to the whole organizatio for this year meeting

Gianni Demadonna
Représentant des athletes

‘’I wanted to thank you for the invitation for our two athletes Walace Spearmon and Maggie Vessy  from the US who had a great experience as I did  in Morocco.
The meeting was of the highest standard, hote accommodation and food as good and better than any other meeting on even the Diamond League Calendar.
The competition and crowds were eciting and Walace and Maggie were very pleased with their races.
They are hoping to be able to come back next year and to tell other top athletes about their positive experience in Rabat

Ray Flynn
Représentant des athlètes

‘’ The  athletes have come back to me to say how well they  liked the hotel in Rabat and the  general running of the event. They have all said that it is the best hotel on the circuit and would be very much be interesting in returning  to Rabat  2011.
I think I may joint hem in 2011

Alex Marshall
Représentant des athlètes

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